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Getting Married in the Seychelles

Many people dream of the perfect tropical island wedding, on the beach, wearing white, saying “I do” as the sun sets behind the horizon. Seychelles is certainly a perfect location for this dream, however there are a number of things to consider before going ahead with this kind of wedding. How many guests would actually be able to attend etc. are things to think about, however when it comes to advice about the Seychelles specifically we are the ones to speak to. Below is some basic information to get you started or to help you make your decision, for any further information please contact us!

Lodgings and Accommodation

Seychelles is naturally a haven when it comes to accommodation, which ironically makes this decision all the more tricky because there so many options. Whether you want a resort to host the entire wedding party or a private cottage, there really are numerous options. There are even resorts that cater specifically to weddings and even do special wedding packages, where for example the bride might stay free of charge. Matching your budget with your needs, personality and vision with the right location on the right island (yes, the various islands offer additional options!) will be the toughest decision, however from that point on the rest should be smooth sailing.

One also has to consider the honeymoon afterwards; will you stay at the same resort or perhaps opt for something a little more private? There is nothing more private than a week aboard one of our yachts sailing the islands, and that is a great option for a honeymoon. 

Wedding Options

Naturally the most popular option for the actual ceremony is the previously mentioned white wedding on a beach at sunset, however one of the great things about the Seychelles is that you have other options too. You might prefer to have it further inland, perhaps on a high point of the island where it is possible to overlook everything in the surrounding areas. As you look forward to your lives together, this sort of forward vision could be powerfully symbolic.

With so much wildlife and natural beauty to admire in the Seychelles, it will feel as if it was all laid out specifically for your special day. Reminders of the joy of life exist as far as the eye can see, from the graceful seabirds to the lovenuts that serve as a risqué reminder of the bond a man and woman will share on their honeymoon. You may choose to wed each other totally away from any buildings or say your vows in a quaint chapel, the options are plentiful and local industry experts are on hand to assist. 

Legal Requirements

Getting married in the Seychelles obviously means getting married in a foreign country, and with that comes certain legal requirements that may differ from your homeland. So it is a non-negotiable that you fully understand these requirements before you begin your planning.

Even if you intend to have a church ceremony, you must also get married in a civil ceremony for it to be considered valid, and to do this, you will need to go through the Civil Status Office on the island of Mahe, furnishing them with birth certificates, passports and other relevant documents, including divorce papers if one party is divorced or death certificates if one is widowed.

The actual wedding can be performed elsewhere for an additional fee, with ceremonies on outer islands the most expensive. In order to provide enough time for needed documentation, couples should start making their preparations at least two months ahead of time, and you will need to be in the Seychelles at least two days before the wedding is to take place. Moreover, while exemptions can be made, couples must generally inform the Civil Status Office of the date of their wedding at least 11 days before it happens. The Seychelles Tourism Board have fortunately prepared a fairly simple document together with the Civil Status Office which covers everything you need to know in terms of the legal requirements. To download this document please visit

Seychelles can be the perfect and idyllic wedding location you’ve always dreamt of, all of the ingredients needed are there. However you will need to plan well in advance and discuss with each other and your respective families. Whether it's just a romantic excursion for two or a chance for a whole family and friends to reconnect, a wedding in the Seychelles is bound to be a memorable experience in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

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