Thursday, 27 June 2013

Seychelles Parasailing...

”I was standing on the magnificent spread of beach at Beau Vallon Bay, dressed in shorts and life jacket and strapped into a tight-fitting parasailing harness. Directly behind me lay a bright-red parasail neatly laid out on a tarpaulin. The instructor clipped the parasail to my harness and continued his pre-flight instructions. “Hold the harness handles tightly in your palms and lift your hands shoulder-height with elbows facing forward.” This is similar to the way you hold the toggles on a parachute. “Watch the boat. It’s going to edge forward to take up slack in the towrope. The moment the rope tightens the boat will accelerate and all you have to do is run like mad.” The 115-horsepower Yamaha outboard clicked into gear and the sleek red-and-blue speedboat moved forward. I gazed across the thin tract of sparkling sand separating the fringing line of palm and takamaka trees from the turquoise tropical water. The towrope slowly snaked off the beach and disappeared into the water. We were ready for take-off. The speedboat had edged at least 50 metres from the beach, and the towrope, with its 1 350-kilogram breaking strain, tightened, tugging sharply on my harness.“Now!” the instructor yelled. I rushed forward and sprinted down the beach. Just before treading on wet sand I felt myself being lifted above the shallow shoreline . . . and I was airborne!”

 These are the words of Patrick Wagner, a journalist from Getaway magazine who was lucky enough enjoy the incredible experience of parasailing at Beau Vallon Bay on Mahe Island, Seychelles. With wind racing round your ears, legs dangling in space and torso supported by a comfortable harness, you float over paradise. The feeling of freedom is what makes parasailing so exciting. The sheer beauty of Beau Vallon Bay from the air, the glowing turquoise water and the lush vegetation down below will make this experience one you will never forget. Once airborne, your only job is to just sit back and relax, soak up this beautiful scenery, and take a few photos if you wish. You will also be able to too see other islands in the distance, and the perspective one gains from viewing this tropical paradise from up above is not to be taken lightly! 


 The main concern people have when considering parasailing, is the safety aspect, however the crews who operate this sport have many years experience behind them. You don’t even need to be able to swim to take part in this activity, and age is also a non-factor… with the oldest participant having been a ripe 92 years old!

If parasailing is not your thing however but you still enjoy motorized water sports, water skiing, jet skiing, and other activities are also offered at Beau Vallon Bay.


 Beau Vallon Bay is located in the north-east of Mahe, and in order to protect and maintain the beauty of Seychelles, as well as the safety of beach goers, motorized water sports in the Seychelles is restricted to this area. Please contact us if you’d like to set up a visit to Beau Vallon Bay.



Thursday, 20 June 2013

The SYC Beach Clean-Up

Seychelles Yacht Charter recently collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Environmental department of EKO schools, Seychelles Tourism Board’s event promotions, Star Seychelles, Seychelles National Youth council, Landscape and waste management, and the Ministry of Environment and Energy to work on a Beach Clean-up campaign/programme.

The 1st ever Beach Clean-up was held on the 8th of June 2013, which coincided with World Oceans day as well.
The aim of the campaign was to create awareness of the importance of keeping our beaches clean, and safe. Seeing that Seychelles has some of the world most beautiful beaches it’s only fitting that a yacht charter company arrange and co-ordinate such an event.

The day started at 9am and ended at noon the same day.

Beaches that were cleaned: Grand Anse Beach, Anse Royale Beach,Beauvallon, Belombre beaches, North East Point Beach, Port Glaud, Port Launay and Cap Ternay.

A total of 307, children, teachers and parents assisted with the beach clean-up. Hotels around the beaches and schools provided lunches.

Seychelles Yacht Charter would like to thank each and every individual, organisation and company who assisted with the program, without your assistance this would not have been possible.

For more info, visit the the Seychelles national website at and below are some pics from the day.

Let keep our pristine beaches clean!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rock Climbing in the Seychelles

Why would anyone want to climb a rock? What is the appeal of climbing up a cliff-face? Well, rock climbing is more than just another outdoor sport and another excuse to accumulate an entire closet worth of gear. It is a way to learn more than you ever thought possible about who you are and how you respond to challenges. It is a great teacher for a willing learner in both fitness and mental toughness. When one combines these aspects with the beauty and amazing sights of the Seychelles, it is a winning combination!

For most people who are unaware of the Seychelles islands, rock-climbing in a tropical paradise would sound like a very strange idea. Whilst watersports are certainly the most popular of the sporting activities visitors for partake in, rock-climbing has become increasingly popular on the islands due to the magnificent granite rock faces present all over these beautiful islands. 


 Granite is an igneous rock, the basic building block of all of the earth’s land surfaces and mountains. It is a fairly coarse-grained rock with high contents of quartz and feldspars that is generally very hard and resistant to erosion. It has been described as one of the best rock types to climb due to its texture (the roughness allows good grip) and strength (allows confidence that the rock will not give way). Because of its hardness, granite often forms large rock masses which are weathered by wind, rain, snow, and ice into mountains, cliffs, and domes. This rock is the basis of the Seychelles islands, so opportunity and location is plentiful for the experienced climber. For the inexperienced climber, there are groups and companies who provide training, safety and guided climbs for those wanting to experience something new.

A rock-climbing, ziplining, and abseiling facility has been established at Port Launay. Employing a beautiful 18 meter high natural granite rock face, a rock climbing facility has been developed whereby everyone, from beginner to accomplished, can experience the exhilaration of this sport in a safe and comfortable environment. Ziplining across the tree tops is also offered at this facility and is a wonderful experience in its own right, especially for those with kids.


Of course this facility is not the only place where you can enjoy rock-climbing, there are many more challenging locations around the islands. Seychelles Yacht Charter can make all the necessary arrangements for your holiday and activities. Contact us via 


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Surfing in the Seychelles...

Blue waters, white beaches, tropical paradise… these are things that one immediately associates with the Seychelles. And whilst having numerous coastlines around these beautiful islands, surfing hotspots are not something that immediately comes to mind. Certainly, many of the beaches enjoy water as calm and flat as a swimming pool, and many visitors to the Seychelles come there for that reason. However, there are many visitors and locals alike, who enjoy the opportunity to head out into the break and enjoy a surf. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and stunning coastal scenery make these relatively undiscovered waves a great for longboard, shortboard, and bodyboard surfers to test out their skills.

One thing one needs to be mindful of is that the monsoon climate means that the best places to surf around the Seychelles vary with the seasons. Below is a general guide of the best surfing hotspots in the Seychelles depending on the season. Whether visiting for a surfing trip, or whether you are just someone who wants to try something different on your holiday, we at Seychelles Yacht Charter can make it happen!

North-West Monsoon Season

The Seychelles are usually under the influence of north-west monsoon winds during October, November and December. At this time the best places to find good waves are:

Mahe Island

Anse Royale - This is a good reef break on the outer reef. A long paddle top get there and back but worth the effort. This is recommended only for fit experienced surfers.

Praslin Island

Anse Lazio - This beach break is good for beginners who are keen to try surfing for the first time. Contact SYC to arrange transport to the island.

South-East Monsoon Season

During April, May, June and July the prevailing monsoon winds are from the south-east, and this means the best surf areas in the Seychelles are:

Mahe Island

Grand Anse Beach -This is a good surf spot; however there are very strong currents so you must be a good swimmer. The left hand beach in front of the large 'Le Meridien Barbarons' Hotel is a good spot.

Intendance Beach - The shore breaks along this stretch make it a better option for less experienced surfers.

Anse Gaulette - There are offshore breaks along this beach.

Roche Copra & Plantation Club Beach - There are also offshore breaks along this beach.

Anse Forbans - The chalets of Chalets D'Anse Forbans are right beside this beach, which is long and generally very quiet.

Quarry close to the airport – Here you can swim out or paddle from the beach at the The Wharf Marina and Hotel, which also happens to be the home of Seychelles Yacht Charter

La Digue Island

Grand Anse Beach, Petit Anse Beach, Anse Coco -There are offshore breaks on these beaches.

Anse Patate - This isn't a large beach, but it's a 5-minute cycle from Domaine de l'Orangeraie and surfers talk about the offshore breaks found at this beach.

Praslin Island

Anse Kerlan - There are offshore breaks on this beach.

Good surf spots throughout the year:

The following areas are good surf spots during both monsoon seasons, and worth trying between the monsoons, during August and September, and around January, February and March.

Mahe Island

Anse Boileau - This reef break on the South-West end of the island is very good for experienced surfers.

Silhouette Island

Anse Lascars - Here you can find big clean waves up to 6ft which can be dangerous, so it is much better suited to experienced surfers. Also just in front of the chalets you can find a good area where there are offshore breakers at high tide.

The outer islands also offer many options for good surfing with mostly reef breaks but these islands are mostly uninhabited and un-surfed so there is plenty of opportunity to discover new waves and surf un-crowded perfection.