Thursday, 29 August 2013

Getting Married in the Seychelles

Many people dream of the perfect tropical island wedding, on the beach, wearing white, saying “I do” as the sun sets behind the horizon. Seychelles is certainly a perfect location for this dream, however there are a number of things to consider before going ahead with this kind of wedding. How many guests would actually be able to attend etc. are things to think about, however when it comes to advice about the Seychelles specifically we are the ones to speak to. Below is some basic information to get you started or to help you make your decision, for any further information please contact us!

Lodgings and Accommodation

Seychelles is naturally a haven when it comes to accommodation, which ironically makes this decision all the more tricky because there so many options. Whether you want a resort to host the entire wedding party or a private cottage, there really are numerous options. There are even resorts that cater specifically to weddings and even do special wedding packages, where for example the bride might stay free of charge. Matching your budget with your needs, personality and vision with the right location on the right island (yes, the various islands offer additional options!) will be the toughest decision, however from that point on the rest should be smooth sailing.

One also has to consider the honeymoon afterwards; will you stay at the same resort or perhaps opt for something a little more private? There is nothing more private than a week aboard one of our yachts sailing the islands, and that is a great option for a honeymoon. 

Wedding Options

Naturally the most popular option for the actual ceremony is the previously mentioned white wedding on a beach at sunset, however one of the great things about the Seychelles is that you have other options too. You might prefer to have it further inland, perhaps on a high point of the island where it is possible to overlook everything in the surrounding areas. As you look forward to your lives together, this sort of forward vision could be powerfully symbolic.

With so much wildlife and natural beauty to admire in the Seychelles, it will feel as if it was all laid out specifically for your special day. Reminders of the joy of life exist as far as the eye can see, from the graceful seabirds to the lovenuts that serve as a risqué reminder of the bond a man and woman will share on their honeymoon. You may choose to wed each other totally away from any buildings or say your vows in a quaint chapel, the options are plentiful and local industry experts are on hand to assist. 

Legal Requirements

Getting married in the Seychelles obviously means getting married in a foreign country, and with that comes certain legal requirements that may differ from your homeland. So it is a non-negotiable that you fully understand these requirements before you begin your planning.

Even if you intend to have a church ceremony, you must also get married in a civil ceremony for it to be considered valid, and to do this, you will need to go through the Civil Status Office on the island of Mahe, furnishing them with birth certificates, passports and other relevant documents, including divorce papers if one party is divorced or death certificates if one is widowed.

The actual wedding can be performed elsewhere for an additional fee, with ceremonies on outer islands the most expensive. In order to provide enough time for needed documentation, couples should start making their preparations at least two months ahead of time, and you will need to be in the Seychelles at least two days before the wedding is to take place. Moreover, while exemptions can be made, couples must generally inform the Civil Status Office of the date of their wedding at least 11 days before it happens. The Seychelles Tourism Board have fortunately prepared a fairly simple document together with the Civil Status Office which covers everything you need to know in terms of the legal requirements. To download this document please visit

Seychelles can be the perfect and idyllic wedding location you’ve always dreamt of, all of the ingredients needed are there. However you will need to plan well in advance and discuss with each other and your respective families. Whether it's just a romantic excursion for two or a chance for a whole family and friends to reconnect, a wedding in the Seychelles is bound to be a memorable experience in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Seychelles International Airport

Often a concern amongst travellers when travelling to smaller countries is the quality and efficiency of the local airport. We’ve all heard the nightmare stories! Luckily the Seychelles International Airport (or Aeroport de la pointe Larue) is not one of those nightmares. In fact quite the opposite; whilst being small and modest compared to other international airport, it is quaint, clean, friendly, and most importantly efficient.

The airport is a traveller’s first experience of a country, and certainly the Seychelles International Airport does not disappoint. The approach and landing is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and scenic in the world, with the beautiful mountains, beaches and turquoise waters of Mahe visible from the sky, it gives one a sense that you’re about to touch down in a paradise quite unlike any other. The landing itself is certainly something to experience, with the runway being mere metres from the ocean; it is one of those amazing landings we hear about on those chain emails.

As you disembark the plane, the moment you breathe in the warm, fresh, tropical ocean air you know you have arrived on holiday! Fortunately, the efficiency of the awaiting airport terminal building ensures that your holiday will not be delayed by painful and lengthy airport procedures. After a short visit to passport control you will collect your luggage and head out.

The airport is 11 km southeast of the capital and is accessible by the Victoria-Providence Highway. There is frequent service from the bus station in Victoria, with taxi cab services outside the terminal available to all locations on Mahé Island and several tour operator's coach services — namely Creole Travel Services ( and Mason's Travel ( — which also links passengers to the ferry terminal at the Old Port (Vieux port) for inter-island ferry services and to the New Port (Nouveau port) for cruise holidays. However when booking your holiday with Seychelles Yacht Charter we will naturally take care of all transport arrangements on your behalf.

A domestic terminal is a short walking distance north of the international terminal and offers inter-island flights with a peak of a departure every 10–15 minutes at busy times which corresponds with international arrivals/departures and every 30 minutes at other times.

A cargo terminal is situated south of the international terminal and handles freight from all international and domestic movements; it is run by the national airline Air Seychelles. A military base of the Seychelles Public Defence Force (SPDF) exists at the southeastern end of runway 13 in the south on an island joined with Mahé at the construction of the airport.

Additional facilities include the usual restaurants and bars, duty free shopping, ATM’s, bureau de change, a travel agents office, as well as disabled facilities. 

History of the Airport

Whilst the Seychelles International Airport was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 20 March 1972, Wilkenair of Kenya had already started a ferry service between Mombasa and Mahe. It operated twice a week and was followed by East African Airways and Luxair in 1971. At the time of opening the airport had a 2987 metre runway and a control tower. 

In 1972 John Faulkner Taylor founded the first local aircraft company called Air Mahé, which operated between Praslin, Fregate and Mahé Islands. By 1974, over 30 airlines were flying to the Seychelles. Ground handling and all airport operations were being carried out by Aviation Seychelles Company, a company formed in 1973.

Construction works for the substantial expansion of the Seychelles International Airport started in July 1980. Due to the continuous increase in passenger traffic, a terminal building was built that could cater for 400 arriving and 400 departing passengers at any time. Parking bays for up to six aircraft were catered for as well as a light aircraft parking area capable of handling five aircraft. In 2005/2006 further development to civil aviation in the Seychelles was brought. The Civil Aviation Authority Act was enacted on 4 April 2006 for the corporatisation of the Directorate of Civil Aviation to Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority. Works started to upgrade and extend the terminal building, which has been further extended to handle at least five medium to large aircraft and six small size aircraft. Further parking areas were made available to the north-east of the airport to handle the parking of charter, business and long stay aircraft. 

For more info and flight schedules, visit and

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our Private Fleet...

By now regular readers of this blog and followers of ours on social media will have seen many photos and videos of our private fleet, Nkanlindau and uShaka. However, not many know the exact specifications of each boat as well as what it offers to our guests. Today we change that! Below is everything you’ll need to know to make an informed decision when visiting the Seychelles and making a booking. 


Nkalindau it a beautiful Foutane Pajot Eleuthera 60 Catamaran, and is our flagship vessel. Measuring 18.28m (or 60 ft) in length, this 4 bedroom luxury yacht is the ideal size for a large family or even 2 medium sized families. It sleeps 8 adults and 2 children. Whilst possessing engines large enough to get wherever you need to go in less windy conditions, the true beauty of Nkalindau becomes apparent when the 110 square metre sail is up and she’s doing what she does best. Equipped with a fully qualified crew (including a chef), time spent aboard is truly a 5 star experience. 


Nkalindau Excursion Options

Day Excursions

Enjoy a full day aboard this beautiful vessel, launching from our base on Mahe Island at 08h00, you will embark on a journey to the St. Anne Marine Park followed by the ever popular Beau Vallon and Anse Royale (please contact us for more information on these places). Included on your excursion are a fully qualified and trained crew, all water and soft drinks, as well as a light breakfast and lunch. We will return at 17h00. 

Inner Islands – Live Aboard

An experience like no other, spend 7 days aboard Nkalindau touring the inner islands of Seychelles. Wake up in a new location every morning; spend each day on a different island exploring, sight-seeing, kayaking in the still turquoise waters, or just relaxing on a quiet beach or aboard the boat. The choice is entirely up to you; our job is to provide you with those choices. Included in the charter are a fully qualified and trained crew, full board, soft drinks, airport transfer, harbour fees, local taxes, and fuel. 

Ille Platte – Live Aboard

This will be an experience of a lifetime for the fishing or diving enthusiast. We will take you to Ille Platte, an island situated a few hundred kilometres from Mahe, for an unspoilt and very private fishing or diving experience like no other. Live onboard for 7 days, enjoy the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and experience something very few people have! Included in this charter are a fully qualified and trained crew, full board, soft drinks, airport transfer, harbour fees, local taxes, and fuel. 


uShaka is a Riviera 43 Open Flybridge luxury fishing yacht. Measuring 14.46 metres in length (48 ft) and enough horsepower to get you through the rough patches or to where the fish are biting, uShaka is a fisherman’s dream. Sleeping 6 people, it is luxurious enough to impress even the most selective of people, and rugged enough to offer a proper deep sea fishing experience. Forget those bad holiday fishing experiences on shaky and uncomfortable boats; a fishing excursion with uShaka in the Seychelles is an experience you will remember for all the right reasons! 


uShaka Excursions

Half or Full Day Fishing

Experience a full or half day of fishing in Seychelles the way it was meant to be. Trained professionals will assist in your quest for the biggest catch, and more often than not the Seychelles waters deliver! Half day departs at 06h00 and returns at 12h00, and includes water, soft drinks, and a light mid-morning meal. Full day departs at 06h00 and returns at 17h00, and includes water, soft drinks, lunch and snacks. 

Island Hop Tour

Departing at 07h00 and returning at 17h00, this is an ideal opportunity for those based at hotels on Mahe to get out and visit the surrounding islands. Our fully trained and qualified crew will ensure the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. Included are water, soft drinks, lunch and snacks. 

Sunset Cruise

Departing before sunset at 16h00 and returning at 21h00, this is a must-do when visiting the Seychelles. Sip champagne as you enjoy the company of your friends or family and marvel as the sun sets behind the ocean. Included are 4 bottles of champagne, canapés, water, soft drinks, and snacks. 

Fishing Safari

You have the option of a 1 or 2 night charter that will allow you to experience our 5 star accommodations aboard uShaka as well the full Seychelles deep sea fishing experience. Departing at 06h00, you will return at 17h00 either the following day or in 2 days time depending on whether it is a 1 or 2 night charter. Included is breakfast, lunch, and dinner whilst on board, snacks, water, and soft drinks. 

For rates, bookings, and information on personalised tours, please contact us via our website at 

All excursions depart from Mahe Island and are weather dependent.

Please not that alcohol, communications on board, diving excursions (except Ille Platte), land tours, motorized and on island activities, cancellation insurance, and gratuities are excluded and will be an additional charge. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Seychelles Fashion Industry

Seychelles often gets referred to as the “big little world”, and this not without good reason. Whilst being a very small island nation, there is very little the country is does not have, do, or is involved in. The Seychelles leadership have long recognised that they cannot rely merely on tourism for the GDP of the economy, and other industries need to be developed. In fact, developing industry and tourism growth certainly work in conjunction with each other, with the one helping the other. 

One such example of this is the fashion and textile industry. Whilst Seychelles is not normally associated with fashion or can be called a fashion hotspot, it might very well be one day. A textiles industry that supports local shops, markets and even export coupled with a plethora of young up and coming designers and exotic models are ensuring that. Combine that with the stunning backdrop the Seychelles islands provides fashion photographers, it is no surprise that Seychelles has been awarded with its first annual world fashion week, to be held later this year. 

The event will help to highlight the emerging fashion talent of the island nation. It is a part of world fashion week, an organisation which acts as a platform for fashion talent around the world and helps smaller nations like the Seychelles gain recognition in the global fashion market. The organisation has been in talks with local government and hopes to challenge young designers. Each designer will be given a variety of themes chosen by world fashion week, and they will then have to come up with 20 looks per theme to display at the up and coming fashion week. Fashion week will be positive for not only designers but retailers and local models. It will also bring awareness to the developing trade of the textile industry which already exists in the Seychelles as well as attract additional tourism which will therefore help the national economy. 

In addition to this, the re-launch of the extremely popular Miss Seychelles pageant in 2012 after a 4 year absence will certainly further inspire local models, designers, and manufacturers to up their up the game with the possibility of being recognised on a global scale. The National Contest is conducted in agreement with Miss World Limited, the owners and organisers of the Miss World Contest to elect "Miss World". The National Contest is also an official preliminary contest to select a representative to participate in the Miss World Contest, meaning the event truly has the potential for recognition on a global scale. 

Talent is often found in the most unlikely of places, and can be the source of inspiration for thousands. However, talent will only remain as potential until it is developed, and that is now happening in the Seychelles fashion industry. So who knows, perhaps the next superstar designer or supermodel will come from the Seychelles, so keep your eyes open!

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Events in Seychelles... August/September 2013

Cultural Bazars

Throughout July/August 2013

Various locations throughout Mahe

District Administrator (Tel: +248 2 78 34 13)

About the event:
A unique cultural and shopping experience where you can meet the Seychellois people, enjoy Creole music, and have a taste of the island style way of life.
Bazar Labrinn is a legendary bazar specializing in fruit, vegetables, and other local delicacies. This is also a great place to pick up souvenirs and sample traditional foods and drink, all the while enjoying an authentic Seychellois ambience.

Bazar Ovan Taking place in the southern part of Mahe, this bazar offers a great opportunity for both visitors and locals alike to experience a true celebration of the vibrant Creole culture, all set to the backdrop of Seychellois Creole music.

Victoria Bazar provides an ambience true to the Seychellois Creole lifestyle, where anything from arts and crafts to exotic culinary delicacies and beverages can be purchased. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without local musicians providing the soundtrack!

Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival

9 - 10 August 2013

Various locations on Mahe

Mr. Chris Mason Parker (+248 2 57 57 70)

About the event:
Global Vision International (GVI) and the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS) with the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Ministry of Education are organising the first Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August 2013. Friday's opening ceremony will be held at the National Theatre and Saturday's fun day will be on the waterfront area in Beau Vallon.

The aim of the turtle festival is to raise public awareness of issues relating to marine turtle conservation within the Seychelles. The event will be an opportunity to highlight existing initiatives, promote future partnerships and celebrate the Seychelles marine turtle population. 

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

15 August 2013

La Digue

La Digue Board (+248 4 23 45 96)

About the event:
The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is dedicated to the church of La Digue and is very popular with Seychellois from all islands who flock to the island for the occasion.

For further information please contact the La Digue Board on telephone number provided above. 

Southeast Monsoon Sailfish Tournament

31 August 2013


Marine Charter Association (+248 4 32 21 26)

About the event:
Fishing tournaments are always an exciting event in the Seychelles, especially with pride and reputations at stake! This a 1-day trolling-only tournament from 05h00 to 17h00. Please contact the Marine Charter Association for entry forms and tournament rules at email:

Vinayagar Chadurthi

September 2013

Hindu Temple, Victoria, Mahe


About the event:
A religious festival celebrated by Hindu communities worldwide to mark the anniversary of 'Lord Vinayagar', The Elephant God.

Seychelles Round Table Regatta

27-29 September 2013

Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe

Round Table Seychelles (+248 2 72 70 07)

About the event:
The Round Table Regatta has become an important national event in the Island’s calendar. The event will span over one weekend, from the 27th to the 29th September 2013 and takes place on the popular Beau Vallon beach front. The event’s jam-packed schedule includes numerous sports competitions, live performances by local artists as well as many fairground games. The weekend culminates with a hilarious ‘Greasy Pole Contest’, where competitors struggle to reach a cash prize fixed on top of a 6-metre wooden pole smothered in grease. Last, but far from least, is the all-important lottery draw at 18h00 on Regatta Sunday.

Local and International companies alike support the event by manning food and beverage stalls or running promotional stations where the crowds benefit from generous give-aways and reduced prices on goods. All in all, the Round Table Regatta weekend brings many Seychellois and tourists together in a high-spirited, cause-driven event. Definitely an event not to be missed!

World Tourism Day

27 September 2013

Mahe, Praslin, La Digue

Seychelles Tourism Board (+248 4 67 13 00)

About the event:
World Tourism Day is celebrated on the 27th September each year. Various activities held in the preceding days create an ideal forum to increase public awareness on the importance of the tourism industry in Seychelles. Contact the Seychelles Tourism Board for details.