Monday, 30 September 2013

National Monuments of the Seychelles Part 2: La Digue and Silhouette

The people of the Seychelles are very proud of their history and have made sure they have preserved that history. As such, there are many national monuments worth visiting when in the Seychelles, and in part 2 of this blog post we cover the remaining national monuments on La Digue and Silhouette islands. There are truly some interesting places to see! To visit these monuments or to book your holiday with us, contact us at

Dauban Mausoleum, Silhouette Island

Built in a secluded spot amongst the coconut trees on Silhouette, the Dauban Mausoleum is an imposing landmark and ranks high among the work of its kind in Seychelles.

One of its most distinct features is a set of six proportionally massive columns which are aligned on the façade and on part of the lateral sides. Besides its appealing structure, the mausoleum gives an insight into a series of social and economic aspects highlighting both the status of the Dauban family and the level of economic prosperity of the island at that time.

Eustache Sarde’s House, Anse Reunion, La Digue

A timber constructed house that is no doubt one of the real remaining examples of its kind in Seychelles. Built with almost geometrical precision and refinement, the house dates back to the early 20th century. The house once stood on large masonry pillars, but now rests on a habitable concrete basement. It has a façade veranda, with ornamental wooden balusters on its roof providing adequate and habitable attic space. The design has been conceived in such way as to allow natural ventilation, as is the norm with traditional Seychelles architecture. 

Granite Boulder, L’Union Estate, La Digue

Covering an acre of land at Anse L’Union on the west coast of the island of La Digue, this natural wonder is by any standards an impressive monolith. The granite boulder was formed during the Precambrian, around 750 million years ago, by the slow cooling of molten rocks deep within the earth’s crust which gave it its especially large crystals.

It is a spectacular piece of natural sculpture designed by Mother Nature, and its magnificent shape is due to its long exposure to the sculpting forces of nature. 

L’Union Estate, La Digue

A must visit for tourists. Take a step back in time and see a traditional copra mill and kiln, watch the antics of the estate’s population of giant land tortoises or stroll around the majestic Plantation House framed by giant granite boulders in landscaped gardens, or go even horseback riding.

The estate is also home to the cemetery of the original settlers of La Digue and to one of the most pristine beaches in Seychelles – the legendary ‘Source d'Argent’, which is among the most photographed beaches on earth.

Plantation House, Silhouette Island

This house is typical of the Creole architectural style of always including a spacious verandah extending all around the building, and a flight of steps on all four sides, affording more than one entrance or exit. Situated at La Passe on the island of Silhouette, it is a building of great dignity and grace. Built around 1861, it was the family home of Henri Dauban Sr, the owner of the island at the time.

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