Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Tea Factory... Seychelles

Established in 1962, this unit is responsible for growing and manufacturing tea in the Seychelles. The Tea Factory enjoys a splendid panoramic view of the western slopes of Mahé and is undoubtedly one of the finest viewing points on the island.

Here, in the cool mountain air of Morne Blanc, amid terrace upon terrace of tea plants, you will discover, first hand, how Seychelles’ tea is made. This working tea factory is located on the Sans Souci road above 3km above Port Glaud. It is recommended to visit the factory before noon, when you have the possibility to see the whole process from drying to packing.


The estate produces about 45 tonnes of organic tea per year for export. At the Tea Factory you can pass by slopes of fragrant tea, enjoying the cool island breezes and spectacular views. Tea growing and manufacturing is done on a small scale in the Seychelles, allowing local blends to thrive in a niche market. Knowledgeable and friendly staff is on hand to help at all times as you take a tour of the Tea Factory and watch the fascinating process from begin to end.
The hardest part of this tour is to decide what to tea to sample! There are quite a few blends to select from. Whilst visiting the Tea Factory is highly recommended to try the local SeyTé (Seychelles Tea). This vibrant and delightful blend combines 5 mouthwatering flavours – vanilla, cinnamon, orange, mint and lemon. Other beverages to be sampled include the tastes of vanilla or lemon grass.




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