Friday, 12 April 2013

Ille Platte Fishing Charter


A few weeks ago, we did a week-long charter trip tp Ille Platte, a tiny little island a few hundred kilometres from Mahe (the main island). We got some great photos and footage on the trip! Below is one such piece of footage, with the description below from our captain, Gareth Dovey.

Enjoy and share with your friends!  

"While on a fishing trip to Ille Platte with SY Nkalindau as the live aboard base and Grey Ghost as the mobile fishing boat this fish was caught, tagged, revived and released to live another day and hopefully be caught again for somebody else’s enjoyment. The angler, Cliff Dovey had never caught a sailfish before and on our first day of fishing he was fortunate enough to be next in line to catch a fish. We’d spent the day popping and jigging at the edge of a reef approximately 10nm south of Ille Platte and when we decided to call it a day and head home our fishing guide Rowan Maroun suggested we do some trolling over a spot he knows regularly produces sailfish.
With the group in high spirits after a fairly successful first day out, the more experienced of the group as well as the novice offshore anglers had whetted their appetites for the week to come.
Chatting about the day we’d had and the fish we’d caught and returned to the water, the 30lb Penn international started screaming and everybody kicked back into operational gear. Cliff was handed the rod and took a seat to fight the fish in his attempt to land another beauty for the day. Patiently retrieving line and enjoying the show as the sailfish did some impressive aerial maneuvers in an attempt to free itself from the hook , Cliff brought the fish alongside and Rowan got hold of the leader to land the fish for some quick photographs.
Once we’d captured the memories Rowan returned the fish to the water and began the process of reviving the fish so that it could swim away.
We also managed to tag the sailfish with an African Billfish Foundation coded tag to assist with the tracking of these beautiful fish.
Thanks to Jaques van Rooyen for saving the memory with this great footage."


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