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La Digue - The Traditional Seychelles

A world away from the hustle and bustle of Seychelles’ capital Victoria (on the country’s main island of Mahé), La Digue basks in the ageless tranquillity of a Seychelles almost unchanged since the earliest settlers stumbled upon the islands and claimed to have discovered the Garden of Eden.

Home to the country’s most beautiful beaches – as the photo spreads which grace the pages of glamorous magazines around the world will testify – La Digue also boasts the friendliest people and most tranquil, serene and relaxing atmosphere in Seychelles. Where cars are shunned in favour of bicycles and ox-carts the pace of life is necessarily slower, whether it’s relaxing on the beach, pedalling to a restaurant for a light tropical lunch or donning your Sunday best to join in a traditional Church service.

La Digue’s more than just an island. It’s a way of life.

While Seychelles has forged ahead to join the ranks of the world’s developed nations – and today boasts the health, education and communications infrastructure to prove it – La Digue nonetheless managed to retain the Creole identity and traditions which have created its unique, island way of life.
From the sega, moutia and kanmptole rhythms strummed by the island’s musicians, to the late night clatter of a high-energy dominoes match (with accompanying rum consumption) in full swing, La Digue offers a traditional Creole experience, unchanged for generations. La Digue is where the old tales about Soungoula, the mischievous monkey, come to life and where every beach, hill top and old house has a story attached to it.
On La Digue the fishermen’s fresh catch is still sold directly on the quayside to a gaggle of expert buyers. On La Digue neighbours are still neighbourly and community is more than just a concept. La Digue is home to one of the last working copra mills in Seychelles, which still demonstrates to visitors to the island the traditional method of de-husking coconuts, drying the flesh and then milling it to create the once highly prized coconut oil.

Things To Do


As well as being home to the charms and attractions of a small island community, untouched forests and unmatched tropical beaches, La Digue is also the perfect spot from which to explore many of the other islands and attractions of Seychelles. Within easy reach of numerous small, uninhabited islands, easily arranged short boat rides from La Digue bring to life rarely seen sides of the jewel like islands of Seychelles.
Snorkeling, diving, fishing, trekking and languidly relaxing are the most favoured options for those exploring the small islands off La Digue and an experienced boatman will be able to advise on the best spots for each

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Walks and Trails 

Whether it's a leisurely walk through nature, a gentle cycle experiencing the gentle the sights and sounds of La Digue, or whether you prefer something far more challenging, there are many options available to you on La Dique.

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