Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Is Seychelles Expensive?

We are often asked about the "cost of living" in the Seychelles when on holiday. Whilst certainly not the cheapest location on earth, the prices compare relatively well with those in Europe.

The main expense for any holiday-maker (excluding accommodation and flights of course) are food and drink. I am certain that in places like Thailand, one can get meals and drinks for next to nothing, and that is certainly not the case in Seychelles, however there is good reason behind this. Tourism, along with fishing, is the main driving force behind the Seychelles economy, accounting for over 20% of the overall GDP for the small island nation. The Seychelles is a naturally beautiful place, but with any natural beauty, it takes work and money to keep it beautiful. As we all know, man destroys, and it takes a large effort on the part of the Seychelles government to ensure the correct conservation measures are in place. Without conservation being enforced, the natrual beauty will slowly erode, and along with it the tourism industry and the GDP.

Another reason behind the "European prices" that one experiences in the Seychelles, is quality. The standard of accommodation, service, and food is incredibly high. Not only with us at Seychelles Yacht Charter (which is naturally of the highest standard!), I personally have been mightily impressed by every restaurant I have visited both on the main island of Mahe as well as the surrounding islands. The Asian-African fusion cuisine will truly blow you away, or if the you're more the basic fish & chip type person, there is plenty of that too!

So whilst the prices in the Seychelles compare more with a European holiday than a Hangover-type party in Thailand, you can rest assured that you will receive more than your fair share of value for money.

Below are some is a comparative table of prices of general day to items, courtesy of as well as some photos of what to expect.

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ItemRetail (Euro)Hotel (Euro)
Bottle of water1.00 – 1.691.60 – 6.54
Bottle of Seybrew (local beer)1.252.45 – 7.00
Bottle of wine5.31 – 14.2515.00 – 116.00
Bottle of champagne9.06 – 21.7420.00 – 1235.00
Bottle of soft drink (e.g. Coca Cola)0.81 - 1.053.00 – 6.00
Pizza (for 1)5.00 – 6.005.62 – 17.74
20 cigarettes2.625.00 – 19.00
Whisky18.11 – 26.58 (per bottle)5.00 – 41.00 (per tot)
Litre of petrol1.18
Luncheon2.18 – 2.81 (takeaway)9.00 – 59.38
Taxi Int’l. Airport to Victoria13.00
Taxi Praslin airport to Côte d’Or18.75
Car hire per day40.00 – 55.90
Ferry to Praslin(Return)82.00
Air Seychelles flight to Praslin (return)176.00
Bus fare0.31 – 0.63
Bike Hire per day6.25


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