Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rock Climbing in the Seychelles

Why would anyone want to climb a rock? What is the appeal of climbing up a cliff-face? Well, rock climbing is more than just another outdoor sport and another excuse to accumulate an entire closet worth of gear. It is a way to learn more than you ever thought possible about who you are and how you respond to challenges. It is a great teacher for a willing learner in both fitness and mental toughness. When one combines these aspects with the beauty and amazing sights of the Seychelles, it is a winning combination!

For most people who are unaware of the Seychelles islands, rock-climbing in a tropical paradise would sound like a very strange idea. Whilst watersports are certainly the most popular of the sporting activities visitors for partake in, rock-climbing has become increasingly popular on the islands due to the magnificent granite rock faces present all over these beautiful islands. 


 Granite is an igneous rock, the basic building block of all of the earth’s land surfaces and mountains. It is a fairly coarse-grained rock with high contents of quartz and feldspars that is generally very hard and resistant to erosion. It has been described as one of the best rock types to climb due to its texture (the roughness allows good grip) and strength (allows confidence that the rock will not give way). Because of its hardness, granite often forms large rock masses which are weathered by wind, rain, snow, and ice into mountains, cliffs, and domes. This rock is the basis of the Seychelles islands, so opportunity and location is plentiful for the experienced climber. For the inexperienced climber, there are groups and companies who provide training, safety and guided climbs for those wanting to experience something new.

A rock-climbing, ziplining, and abseiling facility has been established at Port Launay. Employing a beautiful 18 meter high natural granite rock face, a rock climbing facility has been developed whereby everyone, from beginner to accomplished, can experience the exhilaration of this sport in a safe and comfortable environment. Ziplining across the tree tops is also offered at this facility and is a wonderful experience in its own right, especially for those with kids.


Of course this facility is not the only place where you can enjoy rock-climbing, there are many more challenging locations around the islands. Seychelles Yacht Charter can make all the necessary arrangements for your holiday and activities. Contact us via 


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