Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Beautiful Island of Félicité

Nestled within the Seychelles' splendour lies Félicité. A 268-hectare island comprised of jet-black Jurassic granite forms embroidered with lush vegetation, vanilla orchids, coconut palms and wild mango, Félicité is a secluded haven that places homeowners at the very heart of the Seychelles experience. It is a singular island endowed with extraordinary features and a sense of discovery fulfilled by powder-soft white beaches, sparkling bays, unique granite rock formations, hidden caves and crevices.

This picturesque and steep granitic island was a coconut plantation up to the 1970s and supported a population of some 50 people. In the late 19th century, Félicité was home to the Sultan of Perak, one of Seychelles’ most colourful exiles, who spent five years on the island before moving to Mahé.

Until recently, the island was home to an up-market lodge offering an exclusive island experience to the likes of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Now, Per Aquum, the internationally renowned resort and spa company is launching a project on the island which will feature 35 ocean-facing villas, the world’s only rock wine cave, spa and wide choice of restaurants, bars and boutiques. 28 cutting-edge, hilltop residences will also be for sale on the island through Per Aquum Residences.

The island is ideal for divers, snorkelling enthusiasts, and hikers due to it's beautiful waters and mountainous terrain. Day excursions to the island can also be arranged.

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