Thursday, 3 January 2013

Saint Anne Island

Sainte Anne Island is the largest island in the Marine National Park off Mahé, with a peak reaching 800 feet. Discovered on Sainte Anne's Day, it was the first place the early French settlers lived before colonising nearby Mahé. In its recent history the island has been used as a place of refuge for escaped prisoners and as a whaling base during the early 20th century. Up until 1992 it was used to house the National Youth Service where young people aged between 15 - 17 would spend some time living on the island as part of their state education. Now amidst the islands tropical unspoilt vegetation lie the 87 Villas of Sainte Anne Resort and Spa, Private Island.

Occupying nearly a mile of undulating coastline the only sounds are rustling palm trees and gentle waves lapping at white sandy beaches. Teeming with marine life the three beaches at Sainte Anne offer a unique experience of complete harmony and nature.

Sainte Anne Island is surrounded by a Marine National Park, home to more than 150 species of fish and magnificent underwater life. No motorized water sports are permitted to disturb this natural paradise where the treasures of the sea have thrived over thousands of years. Don a snorkel and flippers and discover the magic beneath the blue. Or venture deeper on specially organized scuba diving expeditions.

Exert your energy paddling a kayak and laze away the days under sail in the gentle breeze. Play a game of floodlit tennis in the cool of the evening or hire a bike to explore the island. Whether lazy strolls or enjoying the islands many nature trails, Sainte Anne provides a pure and authentic experience of the island's magnificence.

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