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Greetings and welcome to our blog!

We decided to start this blog in order to share more of the fun, technical and interesting sides of our business with you. This is by no means a replacement to our website, but rather over here, anyone interested in our business, yachting, fishing, and the Seychelles in general will get an opportunity to experience life onboard our boats and in the Seychelles.  We’ll regularly hear stories of fun and adventure from our crew, we’ll provide tips on the Seychelles, and hopefully in time we’ll even share some of the more technical aspects to sailing in the beautiful Seychelles!

As the blogmaster, I have been lucky enough to visit the Seychelles and spent time aboard our luxury catamaran, Nkalindau. It is truly a magical place, and from the moment you set foot on the main island of Mahe, you feel as if you have arrived home. The locals are carefree and friendly, and the crew will make you feel like you are part of the family whilst catering to your every need and desire. Whether you like water sports, hiking, beautiful scenery and still-life, checking out the local cuisine, the vibrant night life, or maybe you just prefer soaking sum Vitamin D in the year-round summer that the Seychelles enjoys, they’ll have you covered!

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Below are some short introductions by our fleet manager and skipper of Nkalindau, Gareth, as well as our skipper of uShaka and local expert, Francis.
Hi! my name is Gareth Dovey.
My name is Gareth Dovey. I have been the Captain of SY Nkalindau since April 2010 and fleet manager of Seychelles Yacht Charter since December 2011.
Having started on Nkalindau when she was brand new in France, I sailed her down the Atlantic to Cape Town and on to the Seychelles with 3 crew.
Having spent 2years in the beautiful Seychelles I have felt privileged to be able to discover paradise with Seychelles Yacht Charter and have been able to share these experiences and expose clients to the wonder of these remote Indian Ocean islands.
Having expanded our fleet in December 2011 I took the helm as fleet manager as well as the captain on Nkalindau. Seychelles Yacht Charter is growing and with the vision we work by, will become a leader in the Seychelles Charter industry in the very near future.

Gareth steering the ship!

My name is Francis Marie. I was born and raised in the Seychelles. I’m currently working with Seychelles Yacht Charter as skipper of our luxury fishing boat, uShaka. I’m a yacht master qualified skipper (RYA /MCA YACHTMASTER OFFSHORE 200gt).
uShaka is a new Riviera 43 which was added to the fleet early this year. I began my career at the company with the arrival of the first boat, Eleuthera 60ft Fountain Pajot, or as we call it, Nkalindau. I started as a cook/crew and moved on to be a skipper of uShaka. I was also 1st mate on delivery of the yacht from La Rochelle in France to Seychelles, a journey that took over 2 months!
uShaka the name of the sport fishing boat I skipper stands for the king of the sea. She is a beautiful boat. She is one of the best Sport-fishing boats here in Seychelles.
We offer a very high standard of service  in our company, and as a skipper, I like to ensure that standard is always met! I’m very lucky to have worked for the company for almost 2 years now and will be so happy to be with the company as it grows. I look forward to speaking to you more and maybe even meeting one day!

Here's Fransie showing us how it's done!

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Till next time... Orevwar!

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